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The professionals working at Winkels Abogados, a law firm in Madrid, are dedicated to providing solutions to our clients’ needs. We maintain direct and constant contact with our clients. With our extensive legal education and vast professional experience in the field of law, we are able to offer excellent guidance, considering each situation individually in order to provide the most effective advice possible.
Equipo Winkels Abogados

Our Family Law and International Law Firm

The team at Winkels Abogados is a member of the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid, specializing in the field of Family Law and specifically International Family Law. This specialization is increasingly in demand due to the rise in people and families relocating, which often leads to legal situations requiring the involvement of legal systems or jurisdictions from different countries, thus applying International Law. Continuously updating our knowledge in these branches of law, we provide clients with professional and personalized guidance in complex international disputes. Our proficiency in English, French, and German further facilitates effective communication and understanding.
Isabel Winkels, socia-directora de Winkels Abogados

Isabel Winkels

Partner/Director Expert in family law


Gema Cornejo, abogada especialista en Winkels Abogados

Gema Cornejo

Expert in Foreigners


Victoria López Barrio, abogada especialista en Winkels Abogados

Victoria López

Expert in inheritance law and civil rights


Yolanda Dutrey Winkels Abogados

Yolanda Dutrey

Expert in Law international family


Flora Calvo, abogada especialista en Winkels Abogados

Flora Calvo

Expert in Law International family


Carmen Caro, Winkels Abogados

Carmen Caro

Family Law Attorney


Mariano Calleja, abogado especialista en Winkels Abogados

Mariano Calleja

Expert in Foreigners



Marta Iglesias

Specialized in Family Law


Winkels Abogados | Specialists in Family Law in Madrid

The law firm of Winkels Abogados is led by attorney Isabel Winkels, specialized in Civil Law, particularly in Family Law. She is also an arbitrator for the European Association of Arbitration (AEADE) and the Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid (ICAM), where she actively participates in resolving conflicts. Winkels has a team of collaborators with extensive professional experience:

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Specialists in Family Law

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We are Winkels Abogados, specialists in Family Law in Madrid.

In addition to the members of our firm, we have a team of collaborating lawyers and junior lawyers.

While our law firm is based in Madrid, we work throughout Spain and internationally, serving individuals and businesses. We also collaborate with other national and international law firms, ensuring specialization, experience, and discretion. This translates into secure and satisfied clients.