Yolanda Dutrey holds a degree in Law from the University of Zaragoza, a PhD in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Master’s degree in EU Law from the Complutense University. She is currently a consultant at Winkels Abogados.

Her teaching work began in 1994 at the San Pablo CEU University College and she is currently a lecturer in Private International Law at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

Yolanda Dutrey has numerous doctrinal publications on international family law, as well as on international procedural law, international contracts, international investments and conflict resolution published in monographs, books and journals such as ‘La Ley’, ‘Revista española de Derecho internacional’, ‘la Revista de Derecho Mercantil’ and ‘Iuris’, among others. Dutrey has also collaborated in several funded research projects.

Yolanda Dutrey teaches specialised Masters in international civil procedural law, international family law (marriages, divorces, minors, alimony), international business law and recognition and enforcement of judgments and arbitral awards at prestigious public and private institutions and has been regularly teaching international law courses at the Madrid Bar Association since 2002.

He participates in numerous congresses, seminars and conferences in Spain and Latin America (Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Dominican Republic…) with lectures on the practice of law in the aforementioned areas. Thanks to his knowledge of English and French, he also participates in conferences, lectures and international academic degrees such as the “Trilingual Law Degree” of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos with the collaboration of the University Paris XII, where he teaches the module of “Droit Commercial” or “The Madrid Summer Law Institute” where he coordinates, together with the University of New Mexico, the courses of “European Union Law” and “International Business Law”, where he also teaches the subjects of “Jurisdiction Problems in Family and Private Matters” and “Recognizing and Enforcing Law Judgments in Europe”.