Marta Iglesias. Degree in Law and Business Administration and Management from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Master’s Degree in International Family and Inheritance Law from the Carlos III University of Madrid. Member of the ICAM and member of the Tribunal de la Rota of the Apostolic Nunciature as a rotal lawyer.

In 2015 she completed a master’s degree specialising in family and inheritance law at Zarraluqui Abogados de Familia, completing her training at Estudio Jurídico Román Abogados, Mexico City. After her training period, she joined the Zarraluqui Abogados de Familia team.

She is currently a lawyer specialising in family law at Winkels Abogados.

She is a member of the Plataforma Familia y Derecho and of the Spanish Association of Family Lawyers (AEAFA). She also regularly writes legal articles for Confilegal.